Greenchoice has the best customer service in the Dutch energy market. To keep going this strong they want to offer their employees the right tools to make their daily tasks easier and more fun. I was hired in 2020 to redesign their employee software.


Design of a new employee portal



My role

Research, UX & UI design

The challenge

Greenchoice develops their own software in which their employees do most of their work. This includes managing client files, processing payments or communicating with the distribution network operator. They encountered a few problems:

  • Their number of customer service employees working off-site was growing. Getting their custom software to work outside of their office could be a hassle.

  • There were no defined style or usability guidelines for their internal software. Different teams worked on different parts of the software which over time started looking incoherent and got harder to work with. 

The result
  • A brand new - but most importantly: online! - employee portal bringing all their tools together.

  • A redesign of the most complicated or problematic workflows and tools. 

  • A new design system turned into an easy-to-use UI toolkit for developers. 

First things first: who's using this and what for?

The greatest benefit of designing a tool for internal use: easy access to your target audience. My first week was spent looking over the shoulders of someone from each team. Finding out which tasks belong to who and how they’re performed within the existing software.

I also sent a survey to all employees. This made it easy to discover the most common pain points and made sure everyone got a say in how their improved tools would work.

(Online) user testing

I validated all design choices in user tests. My users being in the same office made this pretty easy. But then the pandemic happened... And we had to get more creative. We set up an online test panel and found ways to keep validating at a safe distance.

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Ending incoherency

Greenchoice has multiple teams working on multiple tools. Since these were all coming together into the same employee portal, we wanted them to look and feel the same. So I set up a design system which my teammate then turned into an easy-to-use UI toolkit.


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